Claude – Introduction

by Barbara Lee on February 10, 2012

Claude has a long and winding history with more twists and turns than a rabbit warren.   He’s very old, much older than you might guess, but of course he IS enchanted.  What does that mean you might want to know.  It means he may look like a rabbit, but inside he is human.  He is rather shy around most people and will appear statue-like.  But if you are open to Magical Thinking, you just might hear him.

He has told me much of his tale but even I do not know how he came to find me in California.  Claude is still revealing his history to me and I will in turn post his story.

Claude was not born an “Enchanted Hare”.  Claude was as human as you and me.  This accounts for his shyness around strangers.  For many years he had to hide himself.  He lived on the fringes of society, desperate to conceal himself, yet searching for an answer.  His human life disappeared in one unexpected evening.  His dreams of the future, his beautiful fiancée, all mystifyingly taken from him.

Yet over the many years he has adapted to his new set of circumstances.  Wistfully reminiscing of his young life in England and later New York, he seems resigned to his enchanted state.  It was after all, a lifetime ago.



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