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There’s a Moose in my Yard!

by Barbara Lee on February 23, 2014

A moose wandered into my yard today.  No, I did not move to the boreal forests of Canada nor did I impulsively purchase a dacha in the taiga.  Did I forget to mention this moose is staying within the confines of a forest themed miniature garden?  I think this moose was enticed by the cover of pine trees and the lush undergrowth of baby tears surrounding a small pond.  Moose are solitary animals that prefer their own company to traveling in herds. These huge creatures roam the forest foraging their vegetarian diet and even dip into a lake or pond for some aquatic plant nourishment. I hope this moose enjoys my miniature garden but I suspect he will be heading for cooler weather soon.  Southern California is no place for moose.  But then anything is possible in my magical garden.



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