Potting Shed Miniature Garden

Potting Shed Miniature Garden

by Barbara Lee on April 18, 2013

As a tribute to National Gardening Month, I thought praising the benefits of the potting shed would be an appropriate topic.  This small rustic outbuilding holds all the gardening paraphernalia you use to create magic in the garden.  It must contain a table, preferably at a convenient and comfortable height to work at.  If you are very lucky, you might even have a sink.  Open shelving displays your pots and hooks will organize clippers and sheers, trowels and spades, rakes and shovels.  Cupboards hide fertilizers, compost, orchid bark, and potting soil.  Open a drawer to find several pairs of gardening gloves stained with earth and frayed thin with use.  An old journal tells the history of purchases and plantings on brittle yellow pages.

potting shed2This is a place to start delicate seedlings, to check on them daily to ensure they thrive.  This is where you will transplant that gardenia that has grown too large for its present container.  It’s where that old hanging basket will be fitted with a new moss liner and pink geraniums.  It also serves as an infirmary for an ailing orchid that needs a little extra love.

An old wicker chair provides some rest and a front row seat to oversee plans for the next imagined project. What better spot to flip through gardening magazines and catalogs? The potting shed is not just a utilitarian structure, it’s a place to dream of gardens yet to be planted.  It’s a place to visualize the winding pathway lined with coral bells or to conceive the raised beds for next year’s herb garden.potting house

The potting shed is also the perfect place to store all those miniature garden accessories.  But if you can’t have a shed of your own just now, follow me down this path and create a miniature one.  I’ve even added some fencing around it for the chickens, because this is my dream.

What you will need:

Rustic wood box or other container

Potting soil

Aureum, “golden feather” (for height next to the potting shed)

Silver thyme, sedum and stonecrop for low plantings

Fencing, trellises, clay pots, chickens, fox

Potting shed, small decorative stones

A sunny location



Select container and fill with soil.







Choose your small plants and plant them in the container







Place potting shed and fencing (to keep the chickens in) and cover remaining soil with small pebbles.







Add some fun elements, like trellises, clay pots and chickens of course.







Watch out for Mister Fox.







A fairy may show up to pot a plant or feed the chickens.





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