Valentine's Day Presents

Creative Valentine Gift Wrap

by Barbara Lee on February 10, 2013

Create a beautiful package for a loved one on Valentine’s Day. I started by making little clay ornaments from Springerle cookie molds. I detailed them with a little craft paint to highlight their romantic designs. I then used the ornaments and some pretty ribbon to embellish the pink, red and white wrapped boxes.


Gather together a package of paperclay, a selection of valentines springerle molds, some cookie cutters and eye hooks.






Roll out your clay like it’s cookie dough.






Make an imprint into the clay with the ornament.






Trim the sides or cut with a cookie cutter and place on a tray to dry for a couple of days.






If you want to hang your ornament, insert an eye hook in the top before the clay dries.






Once your ornaments have fully dried you can start embellishing them. I painted this one with red craft paint.






While the paint was still wet, I wiped most of it off to create an antiqued look.






For this ornament I painted just the details.






The painted flower and border are just enough to emphasize the beauty of this design.






A gold heart is also pretty for Valentine’s Day.






Most of the paint has been wiped away to create an aged look.






Wrap a package in red tissue paper.






Use double stick tape to secure on a doily.






Layer a wide, black ribbon on top.






Attach a heart ornament with mounting tape.







Wrap a box in pink tissue paper.






Criss Cross a white satin ribbon, attach with double stick tape.






Top it off with a painted pink heart.






I wrapped this package in red and used a black burn out ribbon.






A gold heart stands out beautifully against the black ribbon.






Do some special gift wrapping for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day!













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rosanne February 11, 2013 at 3:34 pm

Looks like fun! Wish you were here to do it with me!


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