Trevor Toad

Trevor Toad

by Barbara Lee on September 2, 2012

Look who has come calling to this enchanted house. His name is Trevor Toad, and I think he might be staying.

He was hiding in the shrubs at the park when he spotted Claude sneaking a swim last week.

He hopped across the grass and quietly followed Claude home.

It looks like  a friendly place.

I hope that bulldog doesn’t answer the door.

Knock, knock, anybody home?

Hello, my name is Trevor Toad and I thought we might be friends.

Yes, do come in out of the heat and take refreshment after your trek from the park.

Ahh, lovely. There’s nothing a cup of tea and a muffin can’t fix.

Trevor Toad has found himself a new home. He seems happy outside settling in under the cymbidiums. At least until he wants another cup of tea.


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