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by Barbara Lee on June 1, 2012

When you garden, you learn patience.  Rewards are not immediate.  In fact, your efforts might be thwarted entirely by some lowly snail.  How does this slow moving creature with a house on its back climb my vegetable pots each night and devilishly devour my delicate plants? The curly leaves of my parsley have vanished, kale picked clean, tarragon decimated.  The chard has been spared, I don’t know why.


My tomatoes have grown tall. The small yellow flowers that promise an abundant crop decorate my plants.  Patience is paying off.  I planted in March and now I start to see the beginnings of my crop.  Small green tomatoes peek between the leaves.  No sign of worms.  I hope my “Champion” tomatoes live up to their name and fight off any pests that threaten devastation.  Patience.


The squash leaves are growing huge harboring giant golden flowers.  I find their size intriguing since this is a “Peter Pan” variety.  The picture shows them to be small and round, will they be large instead?  Patience.



Petite orange blooms cover my dwarf pomegranate.  The fairies are anticipating a plentiful harvest as only they can appreciate such miniscule fruit.  Even they need patience to endure the wait for those precious seeds.

My phaleanopsis orchid is blooming once more after a year.  It’s not exactly a decorative plant without a flower, but you have to nurture it along anyway with patience and faith that it will reward you with a perfect flower.

We anticipate what our gardens will reveal with restrained excitement.  You don’t get a guarantee from nature, just a healthy dose of patience.  I hope it’s worth the wait.


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