Fairy Garden with pond

Forest Fairy Garden

by Barbara Lee on April 26, 2012

This miniature garden is a little window into a forgotten forest. Imagine yourself very small and enter into this charming scene.  The aged stone staircase invites you to step inside this verdant world.

What mysteries await beyond the trees, who is hiding behind the rocks?  Ancient secrets are whispered here, heard only by the forest creatures.  This is a forest where fairy tales become reality.  Is Snow White’s house beyond the trees?

Perhaps she has admired her reflection in the cool blue water of the pond.  The deer come to drink here, they know that it is safe, a refuge from nature’s harshness.  The cushion like moss creates a haven for small creatures, and a place to sleep undisturbed.

This enchanted forest wraps its arms around you and envelopes you with the sweet smell of earth awakening you to listen for the songs of crickets and frogs.  Senses are heightened here.  Suddenly you understand the rhythms of nature.  If only we could truly journey through such a forest, we might hear a story the natural world is telling us.


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