Bella the French Bulldog

Bella the French Bulldog

by Barbara Lee on April 18, 2012

I came to live in this enchanted house in the fall of 2005.  Back then I was just another Frenchie waiting for adoption on “The French Bulldog Rescue” list.  But fate gave me this family and I am a lucky bully.  Life is good in Southern California.  Mom cooks lots of veggies so I get yummy treats like raw carrots and broccoli stems.  All I have to do is sit on the kitchen mat and look cute, which is not hard for me, and Mom passes me some crudities.  It’s nice having an Ogre in the house because he gravitates toward the kitchen.  I can always count on a little snack before bed.

I have a few annoyances like the squirrel I cannot catch.  One day I will figure out how to get up on the wall and end his chattering!  The bunnies in the park don’t want to play and I can’t seem to catch one either.  And I really don’t care for some of the little frou frou dogs who come to the park. They think they’re so adorable. Who do they think they are?  I’m a Princess too!  They are just jealous of my enormous ears and perfectly pushed in face.

Here are a few photos of my daily grind:


Mom gets up a little too early sometimes, so I like to catch a morning nap. I hope she doesn’t see me in this chair.






Later in the morning I like to catch some rays. And I can keep a lookout for that squirrel at the same time.






Mmmm, the veggies and herbs are growing nicely.






Yum, a little yogurt is a nice snack.






Life isn’t all about napping and eating, I work too.






Sometimes I get jailed. Mom doesn’t like it when I attack the vacuum, so she puts me in here.






Finally, it’s dinner!






The Ogre always takes me to the park after dinner.






Uh-Oh, I think she sees me on the bed. I need to look cute, so she will weaken and let me stay.






Pleeease Mom, I’ll be good






How can you resist me? Goodnight all!





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